Class Etiquette

The essence of yoga is the cultivation of mindfulness. We ask that in this spirit you honor the practice etiquette principles set forth below so that we may each contribute to our community consciously and compassionately.


What to Bring

If you have a yoga mat, bring it! If not, you may rent one of ours for a suggested donation of $2. We recommend you also bring a water bottle and a towel. Of course, yoga is always fun when you bring a friend too!


Before Class

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in and introduce yourself to your teacher (notify them of any injuries or things you're working through). When entering the practice space, remove shoes, observe silence, turn off your cell phone, leave a positive blessing with your donation and enjoy!


During Class

Yoga may push your edge and cause discomfort or soreness in your body from time to time. Know that this is normal. Yoga, however, should never cause pain. Listen and honor what your body tells you. If you need to back off of a pose, you're encouraged to do so. Yoga truly is non-judging.


After Class

Please leave the practice space quietly. Our yoga practice often begins the moment we step off the mat. Remember to take that joy and peacefulness with you!