In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we host special events and workshops on a variety of themes. Examples include yogi happy hour, yoga to live music, yoga for athletes series, yoga book club and arm balancing seminars. View below for more information on upcoming yoga events and workshops.

Wednesdays from 11/28 - 12/19 at 7:30am, Yoga Mythology Series: Everything is better with a good story - especially yoga! Every yoga pose is named after an animal, deity, ancient sage, or place, and steeped in stories of great adventures and symbolism. Each week throughout this 4-week series, we will explore a popular myth, weaving in the physical practice, mudras, pranayama and yoga philosophy. $15 suggested donation. Class is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Mondays from 12/3 - 12/31 at 5:30pm, Rainbow Yoga Series: Create a deeper connection with both yourself, and your second family at Yoga Sol this December. At Rainbow Yoga, we will communally move, smile and laugh as we weave in a yogic circle together. Celebrate the true meaning of yoga - "to unite" - through the use of waves, mandalas, touch and breath. Rainbow Yoga is for everyone, so grab a friend and join our community on your mat this holiday season. Stay tuned for the Rainbow Yoga celebration workshop this January! $15 suggested donation. Class is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Sunday 12/16 at 10:30am-1:15pm, Double Dip – Sculpt + Vinyasa: It's Parker's Birthday! Help him celebrate by joining him for an energizing sculpt class led by Alyx at 10:30am. Following the sculpt sweat sesh, stay for Parker's 75-min vinyasa class with birthday treats to follow. Take one class or both - we look forward to seeing you there! $15 suggested donation for one class, $25 suggested donation for both classes. Pre-register to save your spot. Walk-ins welcome on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Monday 1/1 ALL DAY, Yoga Sol Challenge Kick Off Day: New Year’s is a holiday of celebration, reflection, and renewed commitment to living our lives fully. What better practice than yoga to set this frame of mind and embody your intentions? Join us on January 1st to kick-start your new year, along with our annual Yoga Sol Challenge! On this day, each class will be worth 3-points. Open the way to a truly new, New Year. Here’s the schedule: 9:30am - Vinyasa with Maggie, 11:00am - Sculpt with Laura, 1:00pm - Vinyasa with Parker, and 2:30pm - Sculpt with Sophie

Saturday 2/2 at 2:00-3:30pm, Yoga Sol Challenge Finale Celebration: Let's celebrate all of the 2019 Yoga Sol Challenge participants in the best way we know how: with yoga and mingling! Join us for a vinyasa flow class, followed by a party to acknowledge the hard work of all the Challenge participants and announce our winners! $20 to reserve your spot.