Wondering where to start or what to expect? Read on below for description of each class format. Yoga Sol is proud to offer eleven formats of yoga, and each settle into the body and breath a little differently. Please note we welcome all levels of yoga practitioners to our classes.  

Candlelight Flow

Step into the surroundings of a uniquely illuminated candlelit studio with soothing music that takes you away from the stress of your day. Through breath and posture, gain deeper awareness of your body and develop higher levels of strength, focus, and flexibility through a vinyasa class for all levels in a candlelit space. 

Candlelight Flow + Yin

This unique class is part candlelight flow and part yin, which is a form of Chinese yoga that stretches the connective tissue (fascia) to aid in the release of chronic tension. Begin to link breath and movement in a dynamic way and then take to your mat and embrace the stillness of yin. The practice concludes with an extended, relaxing savasana. 

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the powerful practice of paying attention moment to moment to the mind/body process with a non-judgmental attitude. Through continuous application, mindfulness meditation reveals the deepest nature and intrinsic qualities of the mind and body. As one’s practice deepens, mindfulness meditation is experienced as a transformation in one’s life that manifests as greater curiosity, wisdom, kindness, joy and ease. Each weekly session includes a guided meditation, in-depth exploration of a meditation topic and time for questions and discussion.

Power flow

Create heat and strength in the body in this fast-paced, challenging flow the integrates balance, endurance and focus.

Restore + Renew

Step into a candlelit studio filled with tranquil tunes and ease into a blend of yin and restorative postures supported by props in order to soothe the nervous system and enter into deep relaxation. Each class will include a blend of breath work, yin and restorative poses, and end with yoga nidra, which means “sleep of the yogi”:  a guided supine relaxation (relaxing on your back).


This is a total body workout to improve your muscular and cardio endurance through high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Strength, cardio and core combine to help you achieve your fitness goals. Note: This is not a yoga class. Please bring water and a towel for class.


The foundation of vinyasa is linking breath to movement. Create heat and energy in the body as one posture leads fluidly into another in a class that integrates balance, strength and relaxation. Vinyasa classes are accessible to all levels and different pose variations are given so you may practice at your own comfort level. 


Deepen your practice through arm balances, inversions and faster-paced flow. This class is tailored to intermediate and advanced students but pose variations are available to meet you at  your comfort level.

Warm flow

Link breath to movement in this moderately-heated, moderately-paced vinyasa class that integrates balance, strength and relaxation. They room is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.


This grounding practice will provide fewer postures which you will hold for longer periods of time, allowing you to focus on breathing into the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds the joints in the body. A perfect complement to yang-style practices like vinyasa, sculpt and cardio such as biking and running.


Yoga sculpt is the fusion of vinyasa yoga and strength endurance training. This unique and intense workout incorporates hand weights and is designed to tone and shape your body. Build stamina through a series of squats, lunges, crunches, plank holds, cardio work, balancing postures, and stretching. Music is a central influence to this practice and is used to create an upbeat and energetic atmosphere

YOga 101

Are you brand new to yoga or would you like to review the basics?  This class provides a nurturing environment for you to explore body awareness by teaching the foundations of each posture, offering different pose variations using props to maximize the benefits while incorporating basic yoga philosophy.

YOGA Sculpt 101

Interested in adding yoga sculpt to your practice but want to learn the foundations first? This class breaks down the structure of the yoga sculpt format.  Learn safety tips for adding hand weights into your practice, variations and options for commonly visited poses in the sculpt series and ways to mindfully approach this strength and endurance based class.